Posted August 8, 2019 at 12:19 am

You heard it right! Little Mari's moving on up in life. I'm writing this from the distant past of July 30th so I have no idea if the contract is finalized and the project is announced or not by now, but the work I've been hired to do is extremely demanding and on a very, very narrow timeline. It basically requires me to draw roughly a page a day and I can't keep up with Peritale at the same time! When it's all wrapped up though, I'll be right back with regularly scheduled updates. And if I can sneak in a Peritale page or two between work, you can bet I'll make sure chapter 6 wraps up quickly. 

As for what's gonna happen to this website, it's gonna keep on updating with a different comic (and once it's wrapped up I'll move it to it's own separate tab for organization purposes, don't worry!). Life of Melody is a slice of life fantasy romcom I completed back in early 2018. It was on Patreon, it's gone to print, it's available to purchase both as a physical book and PDF right now(!!), but if you can't afford it or are just a try before you buy kind of guy, then this is your chance to read the whole story!

I'll be updating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until the comic (roughly 160 pages) is over! However, I will not be updating the Patreon and book/digital exclusive bonus comics. 

I'm extremely sorry Peritale has to stop so abruptly in the middle of a scene I've been dreaming of drawing since I was a teen, but sometimes life comes at you fast! Hopefully if you choose to stick around, I'll make the rest of the comic worth your while when it returns! 

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