Posted Apr.20.17 at 12:30 am

A few things:

-first off, sorry about how dang tiny some of the text has been lately! I've become more aware of that, especially when I resize the pages for the website, and after this scene it should get better.

-Dagmar is nonbinary. That means their pronouns are they/them

-If you wrote a comment and it hasn't shown up, chances are you threw a curse word in there and it got automatically restricted by the word filter. I've seen some pretty thoughtful (and less thoughtful, but, y'know, everyone has the right to say their piece I think!) comments get picked up like that and I can't really do much about it, but if you want to say something, please remember that this is an all-ages site and swearing isn't allowed! I think you might be able to go back and edit the comment you made so it doesn't have swears? But unfortunately I can't do it myself. I do wish there was a warning that appeared if you goofed it, instead of sending it straight to me.