An Update
Posted April 15, 2019 at 12:09 am

Hi guys! Really sorry there were no guest pages last week! One artist had to drop out, which is completely understandable and another's piece is taking her longer than she expected (but its totally worth it!!! I've seen the sketch and it's like.... So Good)

Anyway, Peritale was supposed to start up again this week, with a brand new chapter. However, while I have a certain amount of buffer already ready, it's not enough for me to be comfortable starting up again, because truth be told over the past month I just haven't had the time to work on the comic and I'm very nevous it'll lead to me falling behind. School and freelance have take a really heavy toll on me, to the point where I've basically been falling asleep as soon as I get home and writing more scenes for this chapter feels like pulling teeth, so I thought, instead of forcing myself to work I'd go on an actual break over the Spring holidays and just relax with my family and friends. Hopefully, once the week is up I'll be refreshed and rarin' to go! 

I'm really very sorry about this. Chapter 6 is my favourite chapter in all of Peritale probably, and I'd really like to do it justice. Updates will resume next monday!

Also, if my guest artist manages to finish the piece sometime this week, I'll upload it here!

Thank you,


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